Date Posted
6th Mar 2023

RESULTS: 2022 South Island Championships

The South Island Championships for 2022 were held in Invercargill on September 24th 2022. After two years of no competitions, it was a fantastic opportunity to gather with other South Island kendoka and gain perspective into our own fighting. We were thrilled with successes in all competitions.

Our results are as follows:

Women's Open:

Silver- Tania Wright

Kata Competition:

Gold: Cesar Gonzalez, Chris McGill

Silver: Tania Wright, Kai Edwards

Men's Kyu:

Bronze: Matt Dyer

Men's Open

Gold: Masa Matsunami

Silver: Kai Edwards

Bronze: Chris McGill

Teams Event:

Gold: Long Hoang, Kai Edwards, Masa Matsunami

Silver: Matt Dyer, Tania Wright, Chris McGill

We are grateful to the Four Winds Foundation for funding our team to attend this competition.