We welcome anyone, regardless of age or experience, interested in learning kendo in Christchurch.

Our monthly fees are $45 with a one-off payment of $105 which will register you with the New Zealand Kendo Federation and give you full access to New Zealand Kendo Federation benefits such as the ability to grade, participate in seminars and competitions around the country.

Trial Membership

  • If you've never done kendo before but want to come and watch or have a go, fill in this form for your free trial session.

All Membership > Choose Classes > Beginners Class

  • If you have never done kendo before but want to start learning and join the club, then fill in this form. This will register you as a member of the club and the New Zealand Kendo Federation. You will be eligible to grade.
  • If you are under 4th kyu, please also fill in this form.

All Membership > Choose Classes > Seniors Class

  • If you are 4th kyu and higher, fill in this form.